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Downloading Articles


You Are a Tourist (Rating: 3.5/5) Euphoria, Take My Hand (Rating: 3/5) Glitter, Gold, Ruin (Rating: 3/5)

Liberals get appy on iTunes

The Liberals seem to have been inspired by Julian Assange. Anxious to get its true message across, the party has launched a free iPhone app allowing voters to read latest policies, candidate profiles and how and where to vote on election day. Said the campaign director, Mark Neeham: "For more

Classic Case Of Box Set And Match

It's not just the pop labels looking for ways to discourage downloading, writes Barney Zwartz.

Itunes Access Unplugged

ACCESS to Apple's online iTunes Store appears to have been restricted in China after it emerged that visiting Olympic athletes have been downloading a pro-Tibetan music album. The record pledges to fund charities supported by the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan leader.

On Being A Bambino

I was listening to a podcast of essays by German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. I point this out not to highlight my enormous intellect and unending search for knowledge - I thought I was downloading the banjo-playing limerick writer Kevin Schopenhauer - but to reflect on just how dismally glum more